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About Marie Taille

June 16, 2011
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Marie TailleMarie Taille is a French Autodidact Designer, started sewing models that she was dreaming of but couldn't find anywhere. Inspired by love and beauty from all over the world, since 14 years she designs men, women and children’s clothes that will show her truly happiness inside.

Also for the funny story, Taille is her real name… meaning cut or waist in French… That’s how in Bali where she lives and creates since the last 4 years, people know her as Marie Taylor!

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33 Basic Smart Shopping Tips

June 16, 2011

Here are thirty-three basic smart shopping tips that can be used anywhere you shop. Use them to save money, and as a guide to strengthen your purchasing power:

1. Plan your spending. Avoid impulse buys.
2. Advertised items are not necessarily the cheapest.
3. Watch for unadvertised specials.
4. Remember to ask for a "raincheck" if an item is sold out.
5. To avoid crowds, do not shop after work, on paydays, or just before holidays.
6. Buy items before you run out of them. Buy at clearance, or sale price, instead of regular price when you must have the item.
7. Know the sales cycle in your area.
8. Just because an item is on sale, doesn't necessarily mean it is a good deal for your family. If you won't use it, don't buy it.
9. Due to volume discounts, larger stores are generally cheaper than smaller ones.
10. Your emotions affect your shopping. Be careful of the "I deserve it" mentality.
11. Buy at the end of the season.
12. Stock up when prices are low.
13. Try alternative shopping: Shop salvage stores, thrift stores, consignment shops, warehouse clubs, yard sales, and garage sales.
14. Remember that no particular store has the lowest price on all items.
15. Create a "shopping pool". Agree with family and friends to shop sales for each other.
16. Shop alone. Other individuals will only help fill your shopping cart.
17. Check the entire store for specials and alternatives.
18. Get to know your favorite store's employees. Don't be afraid to ask questions.
19. Know your prices, keep a price book.
20. About Prices: Compare, Compare, Compare. This is how your price book helps you.
21. Larger is not always cheaper. Smaller is not always cheaper.
22. Look at unit prices.
23. You pay more for fancy packaging. Beware.
24. Remember the "Rule of Three": If an item has three different ways it can be used, you will not be wasting your money.
25. Never pay full price.
26. Shop defensively.
27. Try store and generic brands.
28. Watch as the clerk rings up your purchases. Check your receipt.
29. Shop for gifts year round.
30. Return purchases that do not meet your expectations.
31. Complain if it is genuinely warranted.
32. Call before you go to confirm item is available.
33. If you must, leave the checkbook and credit cards at home or in the car.

Sandy Shields

Marie Taille Product

June 16, 2011

Marie Taille BoutiqueMarie develops its size clothing brand. Original creations, graceful and convertible.Her style of clothes is elegant, sophisticate and natty, mixing colors and using special techniques that she learned to use in her own way. Many of her creations are changing styles, which means for instance a dress transforms into pants or a long sleeves top will be twisted into no sleeves sexy top..

Look stylish at any age

July 19, 2011

As our bodies, lifestyles and careers change, so too do our clothing choices. However, a common misconception of ageing women is that fashion is for the young. No matter your age, every woman can look stylish, trendy and chic. As we age, our tastes and style evolve, but there’s no reason for an older woman to feel behind the times when it comes to fashion. It’s important, of course, to make sure that the clothing we buy is age appropriate – there’s nothing worse than that ‘mutton dressed as lamb’ look. But there’s no age limit on style and being fashionable. Here are some tips on how to look stylish at any age.

- Go for classic styles. There are classic clothing cuts and styles that never go out of fashion. Buying clothes in classic styles is an investment, because unlike fashion fads, classic styles will last more than one season and can be adapted to a number of occasions and situations. Invest in a simple black blazer, a great pair of straight legged jeans and fitted shirts and blouses. A great black dress and simple and neutral high heels are also useful buys. For those who want to modernise their look, select classic clothing items with a modern twist.

- Choose brands that cater to fashion for older women. There are a number of designers whose mission is to make fashionable clothes accessible and available to older women. Esprit clothing, for example, is perfect for women who want to keep abreast of fashion trends, yet want classic and sophisticated cuts and designs. For women who live in remote areas, the online retail world has made it possible for them to still have access to stylish clothing. Women can buy clothing from brands – such as Ben Sherman - online, that cater to more mature fashion trends.

- Recycle past trends. Fashion is cyclical, so don’t be afraid to dig into the depths of your wardrobe and repurpose clothes from your past. It’s likely that younger women will be trying to get their hands on what you already have in your wardrobe!

- Simplicity. A good rule for women of any age to follow when choosing their wardrobe is to keep it simple. Fashion fads should be avoided. Rather, follow wider fashion trends and opt for more simple and elegant fashion styles. Women of any age should feel confident and free in following fashion trends. There are a number of clothing brands – such as JAG – that cater to fashion for older women

- there’s no excuse for a ten year old wardrobe! A change of clothes can be as good as a holiday, so revamp your wardrobe and get a new lease on life. Age is no barrier to style and keeping up with fashion. You’re only as old as you feel – and dress!

How To Wear Jeans At Work

July 08, 2011

Marie TailleJeans weren't intended to play a part in official atmosphere yet things have modified a great deal. You will find people wearing casuals and jeans at work. Many organizations have given the freedom of wearing jeans. However you have to be careful when you choose such relaxed formals or casuals at work. There are certain things that you need to remember while you are at work. Below is a little advice to help find the best pair of jeans for work.

The first thing you need to have a look for is the right cut. Though you may wear whatever cut of jeans while relaxing with mates, it is different when you're wearing them at work. You should select for either boot cut or slim fit. These give you a smart semi-formal look and make you look slimmer. However, if you truly would like to reduce those additional pounds, try Caralluma Burn Appetite Suppressant. Skinny jeans are strict no for work as they do not give you a pro look.

Next thing to concentrate on is the color of the jeans. For working environment, it's best suggested to choose darker shades of blue. You may even select black or gray but you should not wear a light wash jeans to office. A few people might feel almost convinced to buy troubled jeans but these should be avoided at office. Again they add a casual touch to your character and people around you may not take you seriously.

An alternative way to contribute to your semi formal avatar is to pair darker denims with a black or blue blazer. Team this combo with black dress shoes and you are bound to look excellent. This goes the darker route. But if you're a wearing a couple of washed or light colored jeans then wear a patterned blazer along. Also, you might wear light jeans with a fitted jacket and brown dress shoes.

If you don't dig for blazer, go for a polo shirt with your jeans. A bright coloured polo T-shirt with a dark coloured jeans is sure to look good! It not just give you a pro look but also make you look slimmer. However, you may use Dietrine Carb Blocker to solve the problem of body weight issues once and for all.

The second-best way to wear jeans at work is to team them up with a V-neck sweater or a cardigan. Alternatively, you could also wear a buttoned up shirt dress when wearing jeans to work.

These are some simple basic pointers to help you get a company look even when you are in your denims! DONT forget to check out our jeans collection at www.marietaille.com and the blazer!! We still offers with speacial prices of our jeans collection!!!

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